Our vision is to support self-managing young women by encouraging them to: follow their heart, focus on the journey, manage constant change, access their allies and commit to ongoing learning. Education to Employment!

Manaaki is the first point of contact for students and where necessary, a referral will be made to see the school’s Leader of Learning Pathways.

Years 12 and 13 students can book a one-on-one career counselling session if they wish. Parent / Caregiver enquiries are also welcome.

To help students keep up to date with what’s happening, careers information and events are posted on the daily notices, Year 12 and 13 Teams and the SHGC Pathways Facebook page.

During Term 3, Manaaki teachers, Deans and Pathways staff assist students with making their subject choices for the following year. Refer to Senior Courses for details of subjects offered at the College and entry requirements for tertiary study at universities, polytechnics and via on-job learning such as apprenticeships.

By taking Gateway through Pathways, I have been supported in wanting to pursue a career in the trades as an Electrician. Gateway has allowed me to work alongside a group of Master Electricians at Electric-L (2005 Ltd) where I have gained on-the-job work experience. I have really enjoyed being able to have this opportunity through Pathways, to learn about the fundamentals of being an electrician by getting to install, maintain and repair electrical systems and equipment. I have been exposed to a new environment of work that has prepared me for a future career in the Electrical industry. In class, I have worked on the Skills Org Electrical Learning and Assessment Package where I have earned 20 credits towards NCEA.  The best thing about Pathways, is that it offers flexibility in my learning which links to my future employment.


Future Career:

Alex Shearman – Year 13 Pathways

Career Resources and Information

Students are encouraged to visit the Pathways Office before school or at lunchtime to access the career resources available.

To help students keep up to date with what’s happening, careers information and events are posted on the daily notices and on the SHGC Pathways Facebook page.


Sacred Heart Girls’ College is a Career Central school. Login with your school Microsoft credentials and use Careers Central to learn about training and careers and plan your Pathway.

Course information is available from Mr Foy, our Leader of Learning Pathways.

Pathways Cup

Sponsored by The Federal Store, each month we celebrate a student who has completed some of their education to employment learning offsite. This could be at a workplace or at a tertiary provider such as WITT or TOPEC.


Samantha Fields, Year 13 was awarded the Federal Store Cup for her excellent commitment to her placement at Jumpstart ECE.


Warwick Foy

(Leader of Learning)

Jillian DeLuca

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