Technology Pathway


Technology is a place where we welcome students to tinker, problem solve, and discover their passions. An area where students can create their own projects and test them out through a playful manner.

Technology in a nut-shell – is “intervention by design”. It uses intellectual and practical resources to create prototypes, which expand human possibilities by addressing opportunities.

Technology education supports key skills as well as the big picture ideas where students are encouraged to be innovative, creative, reflective and critical in designing new models, products, software, systems and tools to benefit people while taking account of their impact on cultural, ethical, environmental and economic conditions.

Our teachers are passionate and highly skilled to teach our subjects including Design and Visual Communications, Digital Technology, Food Technology and Textiles Technology.

The possibilities are endless, and we invite students to get out of their comfort zone and to impact the future of human-kind for the better.


Thinking, using languages, symbols and texts, managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing.

Pathways this course contributes towards

Hospitality, Business, Bio Science, Health and Nutrition, Architecture, Creative Industries, Engineering, Design, Computer Science, Media, Tailoring and Fashion.

Other essential information

No prerequisites.


Kim Greig    

(Leader of Learning)

Emma Cronin

Helen Manning