English Pathway


To encourage students to read widely, write in a variety of genre, explore language and its intended effects, think critically about texts and process and present information both orally and visually.


Reading; Writing; Speaking; Listening; Presenting; Viewing; Processing.

Pathways this course contributes towards

This is a highly recommended course for many tertiary degrees.

Other essential information

There is an opportunity for subject endorsement. This pathway provides an opportunity for Level One Literacy credits and University Entrance Literacy credits. There is an opportunity to qualify for the speech finals through this pathway.

Please note the Level Three course is an advanced, academic English course for those with an interest in language and literature.

The literature studied in Level 3 English has helped me to understand how people tick. It has also helped me have a better appreciation of how our language choices are such powerful tools in communicating ideas. Level 3 English has helped set me up for my future study, especially in my Psychology course where I will need to be able to ‘read’ people’s behaviour. English has created a strong foundation for my future pathways.

Future Career:


Gemma Walsh – Year 13 English


Abigail Rilkoff (Leader of Learning)

Jenny Brown

Pauline Koorey

Preeta Menon

Holly Miller

Emily Scott