School Information


Caregivers should telephone the school (ph: 7585023) before 9.00am to advise of student absences. Truancy and absences from class without permission are serious offences and the school will follow up on any non-explained absences. If your daughter is to be away from school for any length of time for reasons other than illness please email her year level Dean. NCEA students need to ensure that they follow correct procedure if they miss an internal assessment.



Report immediately to the nearest staff member or to the College Office.



It is a legal requirement for all children between the ages of 6 and 16 to attend school [The New Zealand Education Act 1989 (section 20)]. At SHGC attendance is monitored carefully. Attendance at every lesson is important for success. Students are expected to attend all timetabled lessons and to behave in a manner that allows all students to learn effectively. A medical certificate may be required to explain absences longer than 3 days.



Bullying is deliberate, involves a power imbalance, has an element of repetition and is harmful. Bullying, in any form, is not tolerated at SHGC. All instances of bullying (alleged or observed) will be taken seriously and followed up. If you are a victim of bullying or a bystander to bullying, you should report it immediately to a staff member.



School buses are provided by TRANZIT and Withers. Pupils travelling by public transport to and from school should remember that they represent their school and should behave appropriately at all times. Any problems or questions with the buses should be directed to the school’s bus coordinator – Miss Miller.


Car parking

Caregivers should not drive into the school grounds to drop off or pick up their daughters as this poses a significant safety hazard. Please ensure that you respect the parking warnings on Pukaka Street. There are three visitor car-parks located outside the main building.



Students cycling to school must wear a recognised safety helmet. Cycles should be chained at the bike stands.


Classroom conduct

To ensure effective learning it is important that classes operate in a happy, calm and productive manner. It is necessary for students to be polite, punctual, properly prepared, and able to work in an appropriate manner. It is also important that each student is sensitive to the rights of others to speak and to be listened to. They need also to be sufficiently patient to leave discussions of grievances until the end of the period.


Computers and Cyber-safety

All students need to use their own login and must not share this with others. Students will be allocated with printing credit at the beginning of the year. Once this has been used up they will need to pay for further credit at the school office. A full copy of the school’s cyber-safety policy can be found on the school’s website. You have also signed a copy of the cyber-safety agreement upon entry to the school. Students can have WIFI access enabled if they bring their device to school. All students will be allocated a school email account.


Disabilities and Special Needs

It is important that caregivers inform the school of any long term or temporary disabilities or special needs. If your daughter has a special medical condition the school needs to be informed so as to work with you to formulate a suitable action plan. This information should be forwarded to the SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator).


GEMS (Goals Encourage Mana and Success)

GEMS classes are held regularly and help the students to set and monitor their goals. Your daughter’s GEMS/Manaaki teacher should be your first point of contact in the school.


House Events

A variety of House events are organised throughout the year. It is expected that all students are fully involved in each house activity.


Daily Notices

The daily notices are read to students at the beginning of each day in Manaaki Time. Copies of the notices are then posted on the walls of each classroom. All students should ensure that they have read the notices each day. Notices can also be accessed using the parent portal.


Emergency Procedures

Emergency evacuation procedures are on the wall in every classroom. Emergency practise drills are held each term.


Move away from windows and dangerous equipment which could fall over. Take shelter under solid furniture, e.g. desks. Remain calm and stay under cover until you are told otherwise.


Report any outbreak to the nearest teacher. The Fire Alarm is a LONG CONTINUOUS bell. When the alarm is heard, walk out of the building in an orderly manner. Take the most direct outdoor route. Assemble on the school’s Tennis Courts in your Manaaki Class.



It is important to be on time for each lesson. If you are late you will be asked to go to the office to get a “Late “pass”. If you are late at the beginning of the day you will need to report to the office before going to class.


Leaving the School Grounds during the day

Students may only leave the school grounds if they sign out at the office. The office will require parental permission or an official appointment card before they allow a student to leave. Students must also sign back in upon their return.



An intermittent bell will sound. Students will be directed by their teachers about what to do. You will need to remain in your classroom until told otherwise.



The librarian’s name is Ms Lyon. The library is open from 8.30am to 4.00pm each day including lunchtime. It is closed at interval and straight after lunch.
Books may be borrowed from the library – please return by the due date. No food, drinks or bags are allowed in the library. Please approach the librarian if you need any help or advice.



There are lockers available for Year 9-12 students. There are not enough lockers for every student. You need to provide your own lock. Lockers must remain clean and tidy. If you take a locker without permission your lock will be cut off. Lockers must be cleared at the end of each year.



All students are allocated a lunchroom. This is a privilege. These rooms must be kept in a tidy manner otherwise the privilege will be removed. When the weather is fine it is expected that students will spend their lunchtime outside under the shade.



If a student requires medication this should be brought to the attention of the School Office and medication should be stored with the staff in the School’s Office. No medication will be given to students without caregivers being contacted.


Out of Bounds

At the beginning of the year Deans will outline to the students the areas that are out of bounds during the school day. These areas include the bottom field (without express approval for practice by a sports coach), the perimeter adjacent to the railway line and Elizabeth House areas. Boarders are not to return to Elizabeth House during the daytime without permission of the Hostel Manager.


School Hours

School starts at 8.40am every school day. Lessons finish at 3.10 each afternoon.
The school office is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm each school day.


Serious offences

Bringing illegal substances, including alcohol, cigarettes and e-cigarettes, on to the College grounds or to any College event is not allowed.



If a student becomes sick while they are at school, they need to get a note from a teacher and report to the front office. The office staff are trained in first aid.
The Office will contact caregivers to take the student home. Some students will be escorted to the Sick Bay if necessary. An ambulance will be called for any serious illness or accident.


Sports Teams

Listen to the Daily Notices to get involved. The Sports Coordinator can be contacted to offer advice regarding the sports offered at SHGC. Students are required to sign a “Code of Conduct” form before being involved in any sport at the College. Specific information regarding each sport will be distributed by the teacher in charge of the sport.


Student Vehicles

In the interest of safety, no pupil may bring a motor vehicle to school or carry another pupil as a passenger without the knowledge and consent of the Deputy Principal and parent/caregiver. There is no student parking inside the school grounds.


Study Habits and Homework

It is the responsibility of any student attending Sacred Heart Girls’ College to work to the best of her ability in each curricular or extra-curricular activity. In practice, this means cooperating with the teachers, joining in class or group activities, and obeying the instructions of teachers at all times. It also involves completing homework and assignments on time. Plan ahead if a particularly busy time of the year is coming up. You should consult your teacher or
Dean if you are experiencing problems with your study habits or need some advice. The Student Academic Leaders will provide study and homework advice. A regular time and space will be advertised.


Technological Devices

Technological devices are important learning equipment. All members of the school sign a Student User Agreement which outlines acceptable use of devices. Devices can be given WIFI access. Students should see the IT Technician.



Wearing the school uniform correctly is a reasonable expectation. The uniform must be worn neatly at all times, especially in public and on formal occasions. All items of uniform must be clearly named. All uniform requirements can be purchased from Campus Clothing, 94 Gill Street, New Plymouth. View uniform information.

Sports teams must meet the requirements of their particular sports code.

Jewellery Expectations

At SHGC we trust that students will wear their uniform with pride and meet the school’s uniform expectations. This may include the wearing of minimal jewellery items including:
• A wristwatch
• Small and tidy earrings
• A cross or taonga

Facial piercings, extra jewellery items or obvious tattoos are not included in the dress code. Students may wear a clear plastic retainer for additional piercings. Students wearing additional jewellery will be asked to remove it.



The use of USB’s is discouraged. Students should use the cloud storage available on 365.


Use of Main Entrance

Use of the main entrance is for staff and visitors. Student entrance is opposite the Kupa Māori.


Water Bottles

Students are encouraged to remain hydrated during the day. Water bottles are acceptable in class.


The College reserves the right to discipline or stand-down any student whose attitude or behaviour, at the discretion of the Principal, is considered unacceptable. Students have the right of appeal to the Board of Trustees in such circumstances. (Education Act 1989)