Food Technology Pathway


In Food Technology, students learn to apply design thinking to address an opportunity towards the food industry. Through a series of steps students will investigate, explore and develop the ingredients, and manufacturing process to create their prototype.

Practical skills include chief, hospitality, nutrition and safety. Students will become creators of Food Technology, rather than consumers.


This subject aims to nurture practical students who can problem solve using innovative thinking. Students will investigate and be influenced by human societal, environmental, historical technological factors, including nutrition and sustainability.

Pathways this course contributes towards

This subject leads into the Hospitality sector, Business, Bio Sciences, Health and Nutrition.

Other essential information

No Prerequisites.

I chose Food Technology because I have always had a passion for cooking and being in the hospitality world, I cook often at home and these skills have complimented that passion. I also I like to be able to complete both practical and theory work.  I have learned many skills about health and food safety, and this has helped me to understand how to prepare and create a meal in a safe environment. The teacher has helped to improve my skills and had helped me with my success in Food Technology and I consider her a great mentor.

Future Career:
Hospitality Industry

Anna Hughes – Year 13 Food Technology


Helen Manning

(Teacher in Charge)