Textiles Technology Pathway


In Textiles Technology, students learn to apply design thinking to address an opportunity towards constructing a textile product. Through a series of steps, students will investigate, explore, develop and model their prototype against the material properties.

Practical skills include drawing, pattern cutting, sewing and embellishment techniques. Students will become creators of Fashion and Textiles, rather than consumers.


This subject aims to nurture practical students who can problem solve using innovative thinking. Students will investigate and be influenced by human societal, environmental, historical and technological factors.

Pathways this course contributes towards

Business, Creative Industries, Tailoring, Fashion and Textiles Design.

Other essential information

No Prerequisites.

I chose Textiles Technology because it allows me to be creative and teaches me valuable skills about innovation and problem solving in a creative and fun environment, which can be used in any career path I choose. In Textiles Technology you are able to create a range of products of your choosing and design, resulting in not only the final outcome but the knowledge of the construction and design process.

Future Career:
Fashion and beauty industry relating to media, design or management

Sophie Koning – Year 13 Textiles Technology


Emma Cronin

(Teacher in Charge)