Physics Pathway


Students will:

  • Explore and investigate physical phenomena.
  • Gain an understanding of interactions between parts of the physical world and the ways they can be represented.
  • Apply their understanding of physics to real world situations.


Communication; Understand, Analyse and present information in graphs and tables; Locating and processing information from a range of resources; Generating and testing hypotheses.

Pathways this course contributes towards

Study of Physics at Level 3 and University. Study of Medical and Health Sciences, Engineering, Surveying, Architecture.

Other essential information

It is highly recommended that you have gained a Merit Level One Maths and Level One Science – Mechanics.

I would like to study Health Science at Otago University. Studying Physics in Year 13 will help me achieve this goal as it teaches me important concepts needed for my future courses and career path.

Physics is an enjoyable and vital subject at school as it teaches you interesting fundamental concepts and how these physical concepts apply to everyday life

Future Career:

Health Career – Physio, Doctor, Nurse

Caitlin O’Connell – Year 13 Physics


Linda Lawley