Music Pathway


Music is a universal language used by all of us. Through this subject, students can express who they are physically, cognitively, spiritually and emotionally.
The practice of music builds confidence and self-esteem, transforming students through supported explorations, which develop a strong sense of well-being and self-empowerment. It allows students a creative outlet, encouraging their own ideas and solutions as they create or perform.

Music is a practical and knowledge-based subject, allowing students to develop performance and composition skills, as well as increasing their musical knowledge and aural understanding.


We connect sound to symbol, and symbol to sound through the unique languages and literacies of music. We learn to work and create both individually and collaboratively.
Students learn to be confident and resilient through taking the creative risks involved in performance and composition, learning useful techniques as they develop their own ‘voice.’
Notation, score reading, aural skills, contexts of music and music analysis, instrumentation, arrangement, and research are all valuable musical tools.
Music Technologies are a growth area in Music, so we explore how they work, and how they can enhance our own music-making.
Sound Technology, an important part of performance and recording, is also an option for students wishing to explore this area of the subject.

Pathways this course contributes towards

Further study in Music, including performance (both individually or as part of a larger group), writing or arranging music, teaching.
Related industries including Event management, Publicity, music video production, web development, gigs, touring, recording and music media.

Other essential information

Students wishing to take the performance aspect of this subject should be taking lessons on an instrument or voice and have knowledge of basic theory of music. These lessons can be private or itinerant through school.

However, there are Pathways through music that involve no performance.

I’m planning to gain my ATCL diploma in violin performance and study a conjoint Bachelor of Science and Music at the University of Victoria/NZSM, with the goal of completing a post-graduate degree in secondary school teaching.

Taking music at school has allowed me to better connect my academic and creative thinking processes. It is a subject that has taught me self-awareness, discipline, communication and commitment. Our teacher goes out of her way to offer as many opportunities as possible to help develop skills and experience in performance and the music classroom is always a welcoming, exciting environment.

Future Career:

Frances Chow – Year 13 Music


Raewyn Hunter

(Teacher in Charge)