History Pathway


To fire students’ curiosities and imaginations. To invite them to ask and answer questions of today by engaging with the past and imagining and speculating on possible futures. They will investigate the histories of their communities, New Zealand and the wider world.

Context Overview

Level One History

Black Civil Rights in the USA


New Zealand Disasters

The Black Death 1347-50

The 1918 Influenza

Historical Source Interpretation

Level Two History

Conspiracy Theories

Protest Movements


Historical Source Interpretation

Level Three History

The Eugenics Movement

Contentious Issues

Historical Source Interpretation

Pathways this course contributes towards

University courses where History or Classical Studies is a requirement e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Law. Vocational Pathways: Social and Community Services and Creative Industries.

Other essential information

No prerequisites.

I chose to take History as it is exciting, insightful and looks at the bigger picture in significant world events. History dives deeper into cases and comprehensively analyses how it was symbolic at the time as well as in the present day too. I enjoy History as it entitles me to have my own opinion, I can share my own perspectives towards a vast range of events as it opens my eyes to the understanding of the world.

Future Career:

Jorja Murray – Year 13 History


Taryn Gadsby       

(Leader of Learning)

Stacey Forbes-Ireland

(Teacher in Charge)