Geography Pathway


To develop an understanding of the environment as the home of people. The environment includes both natural and cultural phenomena and the processes operating within each.

Context Overview

Level One Geography

Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004, Japan tsunami 2011

Tourism in the Maldives, Tourism in Bali, Indonesia

Mapping, Graphs and Tables, Valuing, Application of Concepts

Fluvial processes acting on the Waiwhakaiho River (fieldwork)

Demographics, Focus on ‘Overpopulation’

Level Two Geography

Amazon Basin or Colorado Basin or Hawaiian Islands formation

Chicago Murder

Mapping, Graphs and Tables, Valuing, Application of Concepts

Spatial Variation on Maunga Taranaki eastern slopes (fieldwork)

Malaria incidence

Level Three Geography

Students choose 5 from the following (class decision)

Tourism in Rotorua (fieldtrip)

Festival of Lights, New Plymouth (fieldtrip)

Application of Geographic concepts and Skills

North Taranaki Coastal environment (fieldwork)

Mediterranean Migration issue

Maritime Piracy

Pathways this course contributes towards

University courses where Geography is a requirement e.g. Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. A career in a range of areas including the education sector, government, law and safety, construction and infrastructure, geology and travel and tourism.

Other essential information

No prerequisites. A workbook is required. There is an EOTC component.

I take Geography to learn about the earth and the world that I live in. I value our environment and want to understand more, as learning about the world and its past will help shape me for the future. Geography is for everyone as it teaches us about the environment around us and how people interact with it.

Future Pathway:
Working with people

Rilee Spooner – Year 11 Geography


Amanda Brown

(Teacher in Charge)