Drama Pathway


Students involved in drama are engaged as dramatic artists, critics, historians and social commentators. They learn to control and manage the elements of drama in order to make their own drama or to interpret and recreate existing drama, and in the process develop skills in a range of areas such as acting, directing, play writing, technical theatre and design.


Pupils will develop knowledge of theatre through history and theatre as an educational tool. Through this, pupils will also develop confidence in speaking, co-operation, time management and problem solving. As a performing art, Drama also allows pupils to develop their higher critical thinking through creativity.

Pathways this course contributes towards

Level 1 provides entry to  Level 2 and Level 3.

Other essential information

Optional theatre trips are offered throughout the year, individually priced.

I love Drama because it is a safe space where I can let go and put myself out there. I love the opportunity to step into different characters’ shoes and unpack all the different emotions and scenarios acting can bring. Drama is a great subject to push you outside your comfort zone and work on your teamwork and communication skills. It also can lead to many future careers that aren’t acting and helps with public speaking and self-confidence. I know I would not be as confident as I am today without Drama and I have learnt many skills that I will take into my life for the years to come. Drama is an extremely welcoming and empowering environment thanks to the dedicated teacher with heaps of fun activities and a great group of people!

Future Career:
Pediatric Nurse

Ella Butterworth – Year 11 Drama


Loren Armstrong

(Teacher in Charge)