Chemistry Pathway


Students will:

  • Explore and develop ideas about the properties of materials, how these relate to their uses, and issues arising from their use.
  • Investigate and classify chemical reactions and identify ways that these are used to address issues and needs in society.
  • Use models to represent the particle nature of matter and explain the behaviour of materials.


Literacy; Numeracy; Problem solving; Self-management; Analytical (laboratory) skills.

Pathways this course contributes towards

Study of Chemistry at Level 3 and University. A wide range of pathways which includes manufacturing and infrastructure, Trades, Primary industries as well as a range of community related careers such as medical and health sciences.

Other essential information

It is highly recommended that you have gained a Merit in Mathematics.

I found that in the medical field almost all pathways required or recommended chemistry to be taken in NCEA. However, it isn’t just that requirement that made me want to take Chemistry but it includes a balanced combination of practical and theory work which is very enjoyable and interesting. Taking chemistry for the last two years has broadened my knowledge very significantly and I would definitely recommend it to anyone even if they weren’t necessarily looking to go down a medical or science path.

Future Career:
Medical field or Health sector

Emma Reumers – Year 13 Chemistry


Jeremy Taylor

(Leader of Learning)