Business Studies


Could you be like Karen Walker, Carmel Fisher or Nadia Lim and be a successful business- woman of the future? This course will allow you to experience starting up and running a small enterprise, but without the risk. It will also introduce some of the forces that impact on small businesses operating in NZ.

Content Overview:

Level One Business Studies.

The context is a small business.

Develop a business plan and carry out and reflect on a one-off business activity.

Factors from within an organisation that have an impact on a small business. This includes what it means to be an entrepreneur, setting goals, managing cash flow, and effective communication.

The Marketing Mix. The 4 P’s : Product, Price, Place and Promotion are identified for a chosen product or service.

Human resources and the recruitment process. Applying the theory of recruiting staff by applying them to a real organisation.

Applying business knowledge to solve problems for a small business.

Level Two Business Studies

The context is a large business.

Develop a business plan and carry out and reflect on a business activity with a community focus. There may be the opportunity to participate in the Young Enterprise Scheme.

Factors from within a large business that impact on its activities.

Conduct Market Research.

Study how businesses motivate their staff.

Applying business knowledge to solve problems in a large business.

 Level Three Business Studies

The context is a business operating in a global market.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Analyse Human Resources Issues

Solve complex problems for a business that operate in a global market-place.

A selection of related topics that meet student needs and interests.

Pathways this course contributes towards

Entry to Commerce courses that may involve any of Business Studies, Economics and Accounting.

Other essential information

You should have an interest in problem solving, teamwork risk-taking, resource management and business planning.

I took the subject Business Studies at as it gives me an enlightenment about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Business studies provides me with skills in finance, marketing, leadership and problem solving. Taking business studies at Sacred Heart has been very beneficial for me, as it involves critical thinking and taking leadership, which I enjoy doing. I believe that the skills I learn from business studies are setting me up for my future career path.

Future Career:
Owning a financial / accounting business

Lahni Kuklinski – Year 11 Business Studies


Alison Slater