The Music Department here at Sacred Heart Girls’ College is a vibrant place, where students are given a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge.

The music curriculum covers practical and theoretical knowledge, alongside creating and developing musical ideas and performance. Students learn about the origins and development of many musical styles, and are encouraged to develop and refine their own ideas. Theory and aural (listening) are important for students who want to continue with Music into the senior school, and valuable performance skills are gained, both in class and as part of the extra-curricular Music programme.
We also encourage guest performers and speakers to come into school to share their skills and experiences. We have had Estere and Julia Deans, Womad performers, who have come into school as part of the New Zealand Music Commission’s Mentoring scheme. We currently have local singer/songwriter Missie Moffat working with students on their song writing skills in a series of workshops.

Music can be an amazing creative outlet, a way of developing self-confidence and an opportunity to work with others on achieving common goals.

Visit the Music Department if you want to be involved in any of the opportunities available here at Sacred Heart Girls’ College.

Information can be obtained from the Music Department.