Students involved in drama are engaged as dramatic artists, critics, historians and social commentators. As dramatic artists, students are involved in making, creating and presenting drama. They learn to control and manage the elements of drama in order to make their own drama or to interpret and recreate existing drama, and in the process develop skills in a range of areas such as acting, directing, play writing, technical theatre and design. As dramatic critics, students respond to drama in a range of ways, from spontaneous to critically analytical. As dramatic historians and social commentators, students place their own dramas in the context of contemporary New Zealand society. They consider past and present New Zealand drama, and the drama of other cultures and societies.

At Sacred Heart we endeavour to do this throughout the 7 years, offering a variety of opportunities and contexts for performance. Links are often made through themes and topics with Manawa Mission, Heart Values, Cultural awareness, world history, literature and other subject areas. The subject offers the chance for pupils to challenge themselves personally and explore their own ideas and understanding of the world around them.

We utilise local professionals to enhance the teaching of acting skills through workshops and access amateur and professional performances throughout the year. Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in various extra curricula activities.