Other Sports

Canoe Polo

Upcoming Events:

Secondary School Central West Regionals Competition in Levin, Taranaki Anniversary Weekend

Teacher in Charge:

Amanda Brown



Cricket is played during Terms 1 and 4 at various locations around Taranaki. This year we have a 1st X1 and an intermediate team which both play on a Saturday morning.  There is also a social Monday night league which the girls can participate in.

Practices and trainings vary depending upon which team the girls are in.  Currently the 1st X1 practice on a Wednesday after school and the intermediates practice during lunchtimes. Occasionally there are interschool matches which require a day of school.

Cricket tops (and caps) are provided for by the school. Girls are expected to provide their own white pants.  The tops are expected to be returned at the end of the season.  Students are responsible for providing their own protective gear to be worn underneath. Balls, bats and pads are supplied to all teams for the season.

The cost for participating ranges from $20.00 to $60.00.  There are additional costs for trips.


Upcoming Events:

Sir Gordon Tietjen’s Rugby 7’s Competition

3rd – 4th March

Massey Sports Institute, Palmerston Noth

Adventure Racing

Adventure Racing is a popular and growing sport that combines physical skills, endurance, teamwork and problem solving.  Students have the opportunity to compete in mountain biking and running, orienteering, rogainning and kayaking to name a few.  Taranaki’s natural environment gives students access to great opportunities.

This activity is offered in conjunction with Francis Douglas Memorial College.  Both schools regularly attend the Get to Go (Junior) and Hilary Challenge(Senior). There are many local events and some further afield which the team participates in.

Students train hard and regularly for this activity.  Many team trainings happen but students are expected to participate in their own personal trainings too.

Students are expected to provide their own equipment and appropriate clothing. All events and trips involve a cost which the students self-fund.

Teacher in charge : Wendy Payne


Volleyball is classed as a summer sport for both indoor and beach volleyball.  The senior season is generally Term 1 and juniors are Term 4. Squads do train throughout the year to focus on skill development and trainings of new players.

There are various competitions that the students can participate in. There is Taranaki regional competitions, NZSS Championships, NISS Junior Championships, TSSSA Junior and a social league on a Sunday evening at TSB Stadium. This Volleyball Taranaki League is held during Autumn, Winter and Spring. This year, there is also Year 7 and 8 Volleyball on a Sunday afternoon at TSB Stadium.

Practices and training vary depending on what team the girls are in. Currently the junior squad is practicing on a Friday after school and Year 7 & 8 practice on a Thursday lunchtime.

Uniform tops are provided by the school for competition games and tournaments.  A good pair of court shoes is recommended as bare feet are not allowed at indoor venues.  Kneepads are optional but recommended. Some teams may also receive a bag for the season. Balls are also supplied to the teams for the season.

The cost for participating is dependent upon what team and competition your daughter participates in. It ranges from approximately $30.00 to $400.00.

Teacher in charge : Melissa Seddon