Careers Information

Youth Guarantee Website

This website shows vocational pathways for students to Start Your Journey.

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Occupation Outlook

The Occupation Outlook provides occupation-level information for students, parents and careers advisers about where the best opportunities are and what study options present the greatest prospects for young people, it brings together information on:

  • expected future demand for the occupation
  • current study fees and average salary expected
  • qualifications needed and the number of people completing qualifications
  • job vacancy trends
  • potential career path

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Just The Job Home

This is the new, interactive ‘Just the Job’ website, which showcases over 240 profiled careers in a range of industries. Designed for career-seekers and anybody looking for a career change, Just the Job may uncover just what you’re looking for! Check back regularly as the video library grows week by week.

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Careers Ideas, Tips & Tricks

Visit some of these websites to get some Career Ideas

I’m at school and need ideas
It can be difficult to make decisions that will affect your future when you’re not really sure what you even want to do. Even if you do have a job in mind, what is the best way to get there? Learn about your options at school and beyond. Visit the website to find out more

Writing a CV and other job tips  –  Visit here

The Job Matcher – visit this website:

Take the quiz to check your career pathway  – visit  Career Checker

Preparation for the workforce – how to build up a good personal toolkit.

Tertiary Information

Making good decisions about your future starts with knowing yourself. Think about your skills, your interests and the values that are important to you.

There are excellent interactive tools available on the Careers New Zealand website that can get you started thinking broadly about what careers might suit you. The jobs database on the same website shows the jobs that are going to be in high demand now and in the next few years—for example, engineer and IT specialist.

Download the information to find out more

Visit the Websites: – username and password are both the same – uniprep

Careers NZ


Victoria University Career Development


Money Matters

We know that students getting their finances sorted early helps prepare them for a successful start to their tertiary study.

It’s now time for students to apply for student finance. They can do this even if they haven’t decided where or what they’re going to study. Sussed online is also a great way for students to understand what they can apply for.

Our Apply Online Guide provides some great tips for students who are new to our online tools, providing helpful answers to students’ commonly asked questions.

Students can use the guide independently, or alternatively you could set up a session using a computer suite at school.


UE Approved Subjects

The list of approved subjects can be found here

List of Approved Subjects for University Entrance: Mathematics and Statistics, Science, and Technology

From 2014, all subjects on the approved subject list will be only those assessed using achievement standards.

Mathematics, Science and Technology

For the curriculum learning areas of Mathematics and Statistics, Science, and Technology, there is a generic subject on the approved subject list, in addition to the other subjects within the learning area.

The generic subjects of Mathematics, Science, and Technology can be assessed using any achievement standards at Level 3 within the relevant curriculum learning area. This is explained in more detail for each of the subjects below.

The explanation of how you can combine some subjects particularly maths, science and technology (new this year) can be found here