School open Monday 26 February

School open Monday 26 February

Kia ora whanau

Thank you for being so patient as we have worked together in managing the New Plymouth water crisis here at Sacred Heart Girls’ College.  This communication is intended to give you all of the information you will need to enable the college to be open and fully operational from Monday.

Drinking water

Students and staff are asked to bring their own safe drinking water with them to school each day.  Please ensure drink bottles are named.  The Ministry of Education are arranging some supply of clean drinking water to schools, although as yet we do not know what this supply will look like, or when it will definitely arrive. Be prepared to bring your own water to school daily.

Running water

We have running water, so toilets can be flushed and hands can be washed with soap, although we encourage the use of hand sanitiser.


We have hand sanitiser for all bathrooms.  People may choose to bring their own hand sanitiser with them if they wish.


The Year 10 TOPEC trip will go ahead as planned.  There is running water and electricity at TOPEC, and they have a clean rain water source for drinking.  Students are asked to remember to bring their own clean drinking water with them on the first day.

Elizabeth House

Our hostel will be open and will be fully operational.  There will be food preparation safety measures in place.  Disposable plates will be used in the dining room and cutlery will be boiled to ensure hygiene standards are met.  Students are asked to conserve water throughout the week, so please do not expect to access laundry facilities on return.  Students can shower once a day.  The hostel has clean drinking water available to students, although any bottled water that can be brought from home would be appreciated.

Congratulations one and all for an excellent swimming sports on Friday; it was brilliant to see so many there enjoying the day!

Kind Regards,

Paula Wells