Important Dates and Information

Important Dates and Information

Re: Some important dates and information


Monday 12 November – Collaborations begin

All students in Years 7-10 will be engaging in innovative curriculum collaborations for four weeks, beginning on Monday 12 November.  Students will receive new timetables at the end of this week.  We are excited about the authentic and engaging learning opportunities, and will be communicating later in the term in order to receive your feedback around this curriculum trial.


Tuesday 13 November NZEI Industrial Action – School Remains Open

NZEI Industrial action is planned for Tuesday 13 November.  This will be widely publicised, with primary schools likely to be closed for the day.  We will be largely unaffected by this industrial action, and all classes will proceed.  School will be open on this day for all learners.


Friday 16 November Staff retreat Day – School Closed for Instruction

The spiritual nourishment of our Catholic school staff occurs at Manawa Tapu on Friday 16 November.  This staff only day is being run by our Catholic Tagged teachers, and we will explore the Mass more deeply, along with giving a little something back to community with a Mission in Action focus.


Tuesday 20 November PPTA PUM – School Closed for instruction from 12pm

The PPTA (Post Primary Teachers’ Association) have begun bargaining around their collective agreement.  There is a scheduled PUM (Paid Union Meeting) for all members on Tuesday 20 November.  This meeting is for the afternoon only, therefore school will be open for instruction in the morning, with a finishing time of 12pm.  Buses will run at the usual time.  Students who require supervision until 3.20pm are to report to the library promptly at 12pm.


I trust that this communication will go some way towards assisting in the management of family calendars.  Please do not hesitate to visit our website, or call our school office should you require further information.